Eve Ellis, an established and beautiful pin-up and fetish model is our very first featured model. Eve contacted me curious as to whether or not I was looking for models for any of my work. As soon as I saw her images, I jumped at the chance. While being a very contemporary fetish model, her look takes me back to the old pin-up girls from the WWII bomber nose art. She has the ability to look both aggressive and powerful, yet incredibly sensual all at the same time. Not an easy feeling to convey. I personally am looking foward to completing my first piece featuring Eve (which has been started) and to the future work that I am sure we will collaborate on. Eve is not only a gorgeous model who has many T.V. / Video appearances and numerous magazine layouts to her credit, but she is also quite the businesswoman. Since starting her career, she has handled all of her management duties on her own, as well as being a primary force behind her website: www.eveellis.com. I have been very lucky in finding models with unique looks and personalities....It looks as if my luck is getting better.

I'll let Eve tell you a little about herself in her own words...

"I am a California girl with European (mostly German backround) , born and raised. I am originally from the Northern California coast, over time I have worked my way down South… past Los Angeles. It's where I call 'home'. I am now officially a 'work- a -holic'... and I love every minute of it. I love business, learning more about technology, photography, modeling, art, and people around the world. I travel quite a bit with work, unfortunately I don't get to actually see much of the places I've been. If it looks good, then I'll be back.

I've managed, promoted, and steered my own modeling/ acting/dancing career myself since 1997. I started www.EveEllis.com in 1999. My website takes a ton of my time, I answer all my email personally, seek & book all- talent, photographers, designers, etc…, coordinate my shoots & schedule, all linking/banner exchanges, fan clubs, 85% of all marketing/promoting for my site, photo shop (edit) my own work, some digital artwork, buy wardrobe/costumes, read/answer message board, chat appearances, direct/ cast/ wardrobe/ for video, and the list goes on… I finally hired an assistant, but the list still goes on…

My work is a reflection of me, what I like, find humorous, and interesting. I grew up loving the 'idea' of 'Glamour'… the 'Golden Era' of Hollywood, Pin Up, old films (scary old films too). My Grandmother and Mother called me 'Sara Bernhardt' because I was always soooo dramatic about everything I said and did. I walked on my tip toes starting at age 5, pretending to wear high heels all the time. I wouldn't let my heels touch the floor (now you know my secret to being able to practically play sports in 6" stilettos). I collected postcards, stamps, etc… art, clothing & biography books since I was in elementary school. I never wanted to be anything other than an actress, model, singer, dancer- entertainer of some kind. At 18 I realized I wasn't tall enough to be a supermodel, I loved acting… but didn't want to be 'just an actress', I've always enjoyed things that were a little dark, mysterious, underground, & off-beat. I've collected costume pieces since I was 15. I was too small to fit into them, but collected things that I knew I would wear, and fit into- one day… I saved them, moved them around with me until I started in this business… dug them out, and finally shot in them. I've always had a 'retro' side/look- to me, but always was on the cutting edge of the future at the same time…"

As you can see, she is quite an amazing woman. Do not miss out on the fantastic beauty... Please be sure to visit her fabulous site, and let her know that Shea sent you.

HEIGHT: 5'-6"
WEIGHT: 112-115 lbs.
HAIR: Red/ Auburn
EYES: Blue
BIRTHDAY: July 17th
NATIONALITY: German, Dutch, Sweedish, all Euro…

Click on the thumbnails below to see a small sample of Eve's work.